Kalaranna fort

Should the Kalaranna fort be sold
to the private sector or not?

Kalaranna fort – popularly known as the Patarei prison

The physical condition of the unique monuments – Kalaranna fort and the former Patarei prison in Tallinn – has deteriorated over time. How to stop the accelerating decay of the complex? There are different visions regarding the future of Kalaranna fort:

Sell it to the private sector
Riigi Kinnisvara AS

Out of the known options, selling the complex to a private person is the fastest and most realistic means for restoring the decayed complex. In order to conserve cultural heritage, the developer is obligated to restore the object protected under heritage conservation.

Participation of private capital in developing the Patarei complex is required to involve additional financial funds, vision and new ideas.

A detailed plan creates the opportunity to establish up to five-storey apartment and office buildings in the vicinity of the fort facilities. As a multifunctional complex, Patarei will become a pleasant spot for leisure activities.

Fast restoration of the Patarei sea fort will ensure cooperation with the private sector.

Leave it in public ownership
Kalaranna Patarei SA

In the future, we see the fort as a complex of many various functions, where the special history of the fort facilities and the prison has been taken into consideration. In our opinion, selling the complex poses the threat that the new owner will primarily establish new profitable properties, neglecting the historical body.

In the new detailed plan, the main body of the fort has been distributed across four registered immovable properties that have been, in turn, divided into four immovable properties, whose boundary would pass through the rooms of the existing building. A 5-storey apartment building would be visually unsuitable next to the fort.

The Patarei complex must remain in the ownership of the state, city or a foundation/non-profit organization, or a non-profit association formed by any of these parties.

Other opinions
Minister of Public Administration Mihhail Korb:
Mihhail Korb

Patarei is a valuable object protected under heritage conservation, which must be preserved and kept open to the public. Future functions and funding model of the complex must be clear. I have a sad experience from the Kristiine City District, where the developer undertook to restore the Tondi barracks, but failed to do so. This must not happen with Patarei.

Raimond Kaljulaid, Elder of the Põhja-Tallinn City District:
Raimond Kaljulaid

Our community would benefit from an open seaside, where there is enough room for everyone to spend both active and leisure time. We also wish that the historical fortress building of the former Patarei prison would remain open to the future generations in the largest possible extent.

Telliskivi Neighbourhood association:
Telliskivi selts

There is no need to look for millions and dress up the sea fortress to the latest fashion. This makes the project unrealistic and requires it to be privatised. It is essential to mend the roof, as then the sea fortress could be put in active use, for example, based on the model of Telliskivi Creative City. The next step would be to demolish the prison structures and open the original features of the sea fortress.

Estonian Heritage Society:
Eesti Muinsuskaitse Selts

Patarei sea fortress is a significant cultural monument not only for its architecture, but as a symbol of freedom-fighting. The current plan to divide the Patarei registered immovable in different plots and sell it to a private owner, will not solve the problem. We wish to see the administration and restoration of Patarei to be carried out in cooperation between the state, the City of Tallinn, non-governmental organisations and commercial enterprises, and for Patarei to be in public use.

The complex that has been uniformly preserved up to now, will dilapidate quicker every year. The Patarei sea fortress is among the European top 7 most endangered heritage sites.

This means that the decisions need to be made now!

Tell us, what should be done with the Patarei sea fortress.